This is an early access version of Striked. Please note that some pages are not available yet or may not function properly.

Start for free with our subscription model.

Bring your game business to the next level! Based on traffic, revenue, and features we take a monthly fee - your revenue is yours to keep and you can up- or downgrade at any time.


Perfect for students, beginners and new project ideas.

0.- EURper month

Up to 1,000 EUR revenue per month,(2)then sales are stopped.

  • 3 games
  • 15 GB Builds
  • 5 Releases
  • 50 CCUs


For all, who want to really take off and unleash their creativity.

150.- EURper month(1)

Up to 2,500 EUR revenue per month,(2)6.8% overdraft fee afterwards.

  • 6 games
  • 30 GB Builds
  • 20 Releases
  • 500 CCUs


For established studios with a large audience.

400.- EURper month(1)

Up to 5,000 EUR revenue per month,(2)4.8% overdraft fee afterwards.

  • 10 games
  • 60 GB Builds
  • 50 Releases
  • 1,000 CCUs


For expanding studios with international requirements.

On request

More than 5,000 EUR revenue per month and more generous limits for all services.

(1)All prices are advertised without statutory VAT.

(2)Revenue is based on net sales price.

Our packages in detail

Here you can find all details on the pricing and additional features.

General features
Unlimited customers

Have as many customers as you like, there is no limit.

Monthly sales limit

Your limits are displayed in real time and you will be notified as soon as you reach them. Up- or downgrading your currently selected package is possible at any time and is always adjusted at the end of the month.

1,000 EUR
2,500 EUR
5,000 EUR
More than 5,000 EUR

If you exceed the maximum revenue per month, we have to charge a small fee to offset the cost of our services. If you don't want a fee, you can either disable sales or switch to another package. With the free package, sales are disabled until the next month, meaning there is no overdraw fee.


The number of games you can have on the store at the same time.

More than 10
Build size

The maximum size of a build that can be published after it is compressed by GZIP. Updates and patches are included in the total size.

15 GB
30 GB
60 GB
More than 60 GB
Releases per month

The number of updates or patches that you can release per month. This is counted across all your games.

More than 50
Sales and Store features
Regional prices

You can set prices for your game per country to accommodate for different economic conditions.

Deals and discounts

You can set up time limited deals for special marketing events.


Create bundles of your games for special offers.

Coming soon

Users can add your game to their wishlist and receive notifications about price changes or the release date.

Own store page

You can store your product with all information and preview images on your own store page and users can write reviews. The sales page is directly connected to our social network.

In-App Sales

Sell digital goods in your game via our SDK. Sales are also included in the sales limit.

Coming soon

Publish items on the marketplace and let players trade them.

Coming soon
Game subscriptions

Allow your players to pay a monthly subscription for your game.

Coming soon
Early access

Mark your game as early access to signal early development.


People can pre-order your game before it is released.

Game editions

Deliver your game to your users in different versions and prices.

Downloadable Content (DLCs)

Provide your users with extra content as an extension for your game.

Coming soon
Marketing features

Create blog posts about your game or the company itself to keep your community up to date.


You can get donations from your fans to support your work.

Coming soon
Rewards by Striked

Striked rewards your users for purchases and hours of play through a points system that gives them access to hardware products and new games.

Custom rewards and missions

Create your own rewards for your users and define game missions and achievements.

Advertising network

You get access to our advertising network to reach an even larger audience and earn money for your game through advertising.

Coming soon

Generate special affiliate links for creators to promote in their communities.

Coming soon
Ads in feeds

In newsfeeds, we show contextual ads for your game. For example, if someone has bought your game, friends will see a post about it.

Sales Analytics

Real-time evaluation of your sales, customer interests and sales channels.

Collaboration features
Team members

You can add unlimited team members with individual permissions.

Testing by users

You can invite your fans to test your game to find problems before it goes on sale.

Game Wikis

Reduce your support traffic with useful game wikis, where players can share tips and advice to help each other.

Coming soon
Support features
Ticket system

The players of your game have access to a ticket system and can inform you about problems they might encounter.

Coming soon
Customer support

For the 'Free Package' you can get help from the community or support others. For all other packages, you get direct access to our support so that we can resolve your issue quickly.

First level
First level
First level
Developer Guide

Get access to step-by-step guides on features and usage, managing apps, pricing or best practices and much more.

Coming soon
Development features
Optional DRM

Optionally, you can enable DRM to protect your game against copying and we will automatically take care of it.

Build checks

We perform some checks to ensure your game is working by running it in a virtual machine, so no files are missing and the game can be started without problems.

CLI upload tool

With our CLI based upload tool you can easily publish your game in different branches and versions and upload it to Striked. The upload tool automatically calculates the changes from the last commit and only uploads the changed files. You can roll back to older versions of your game at any time.

Automatic game updates

The autopatcher is integrated into the Striked Launcher which automatically downloads and installs new updates of your game. Only the changes are delivered and installed in the compressed format so as not to demand too much traffic and bandwidth from the user.

Anti-cheat system

Low level kernel driver based anti-cheat system made by Striked. Only available for Microsoft Windows.

Coming soon
Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our SDK gives your game access to all features of the Striked service world. The SDK is delivered in all common programming languages and is already provided as an extension for Unity, Unreal and Godot. The use is optimal but is required for some services (DRM, network functionalities, etc.). The use of third-party SDKs is possible without any problems.

Coming soon
In-game features
Ingame overlay

Activate the Striked Ingame overlay to offer your users the best possible gaming comfort and easy integration into our social network.

Coming soon

Based on your individual sorting algorithm, our matchmaking function makes it possible, to connect different players worldwide via game lobbies.

Coming soon
Network features
CCUs (Concurrent Users)

The limit for the maximum number of simultaneous players in case you use our netcode service (only for multiplayer games).

1,000 CCUs
More than 1,000
Server/Hosting location

Striked runs servers all over the world and automatically finds the best server for a game party based on load and ping.

Multiplayer-Netcode Hosting

Striked hosts and automates your game netcode. You can run dedicated (authoritative server), peer-to-peer or list servers with us for your game. We use sophisticated NAT routing and hide the IP address of your players to ensure data protection.

Text and voice chat

Easy integration of text and audio chats in a game using our SDK.

Game stores in comparison

Get a closer look of what sets Striked apart from other game stores.

General comparisons
Store, social network, and game services
Store and game services
Store, social network, and game services
Store only
Store only
Setup fee
100,- USD
Revenue model
Subscription based
Revenue based
Revenue based
Revenue based
Revenue based
Sales fee (Profit based)
Monthly fee
Payment costs, self costs and variable fees
Accessible for all games
Calculation examples
Profit after deducting the sales fee at 1000 EUR revenue
1000,- EUR
880,- EUR
700,- EUR
Profit after deducting the sales fee at 2500 EUR revenue
2350,- EUR
2200,- EUR
1750,- EUR
1750,- EUR
Profit after deducting the sales fee at 5000 EUR revenue
4600,- EUR
4400,- EUR
3500,- EUR
3500,- EUR