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Top 5 Game Cover Designs

2023-05-25 16:41:003 min. Read time0 Comments

Judging the best game cover designs is subjective and can vary according to individual taste. Nevertheless, there are some games that are often put in the spotlight because of their impressive game cover design.

Here are 5 games with remarkable cover designs:


The minimalist design of the cover speaks for the simplicity and elegance of the game itself. Journey is known for its simple gameplay. The cover perfectly reflects the essence of the game and depicts the loneliness of the character.

The hooded traveler on the cover symbolizes yourself and represents your personal journey that you will take in the game. The desert landscape in the background conveys a sense of wideness and freedom. It is an inviting yet mysterious environment waiting to be explored.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The cover of Horizon Zero Dawn is an impressive example of a futuristic setting. It shows the protagonist Aloy in front of a post-apocalyptic landscape where machine creatures and nature collide. The cover combines stunning visual elements with a charismatic main character. The cover shows Aloy as a strong, self-confident figure. Her charisma conveys courage and will power.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that presents a unique and exciting world, and the cover perfectly reflects this.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The cover shows the hero Link standing on a wide open plain surrounded by a majestic landscape. The cover captures the epic nature of the game and awakens the players' thirst for adventure.

The nature varieties suggest a world of exploration, possibility and mystery waiting to be discovered.

The color scheme of the cover is vibrant and captures the beauty of the game world. From the bright green of the grass to the blues of the sky, the cover looks like a painting.

Doom (2016)

The cover focuses on the Doom Slayer, the game's iconic main character. He is an armed soldier, ready to confront the demonic creatures. The image of the Doom Slayer shows strength, determination and a certain brutality that gives a hint to the incoming gaming experience.

Around the Doom Slayer, demonic creatures are staying around him in a chaotic way. The creatures are menacing and give a taste of the challenging enemies that will be faced.

The color scheme of the cover is dark with bold red tones symbolizing the bloodshed and violence of the game.


The cover of Limbo is dark and mysterious. The minimalist black and white design creates an oppressive mood. The cover conveys a mysterious and unsettling atmosphere and hints at the surreal and often disturbing elements of the game.

The combination of the little boy and the menacing spider creates a strong contrast that highlights the vulnerability of the protagonist and the struggle for survival.

Final words

Of course, there are many other games with outstanding cover designs, and this selection is by no means finished. But these 5 examples illustrate how a successful game cover design can reflect the essence of the game and at the same time arouse people's curiosity.

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