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London, new pricing model and more

2023-04-21 13:56:002 min. Read time0 Comments

We got stuff to share with you!

Tristan and Kevin recently attended the gaming festival Caggtus in Leipzig, and it was a thrilling, successful, and amusing experience filled with great impressions and fascinating personalities. Before Caggtus, Kevin has visited London in order to attended a lot of other eventsm, which turned out to be extraordinary useful for us. There was the WASD conference, London Game Festival, and Game Dev London Expo, which proved to be invaluable for Striked in terms of potential collaborations and business insights. As the next step, we are looking forward to participating in the "Reboot Develop Conference" in Dubrovnik, which is a gathering of gaming professionals, publishers, and investors. Reboot Develop Blue, the organizer of the conference, is a leading games industry conference, which brings together developers from all around the world to discuss the latest trends, ideas, and technologies in the gaming industry.

On the business side of things, we have recently completely revamped Striked's pricing model. Striked is now free-forever and lowers the barrier of success even more, allowing indie developers in particular to use our services at very fair, transparent, and profitable conditions, making it easier to get started (with us)!

Moreover, we have started a small blog-series, comparing Striked as a platform with other stores within the global gaming industry. In one of our latest blogs, we compared Striked to GOG, and we plan to continue making more of these kind of comparisons in the near future. The series is aimed primarily at developers to help them better understand the advantages of using Striked, whether for private or business purposes - but it should be interesting for everyone.

In addition, we are of course continuously working on improving the platform itself. Our in-house website is currently undergoing a major overhaul. Essentially, we are bringing B2C and B2B together on a single page to make it easier for users to access both areas at the same time and bring everything together under one roof. Following this, there will also be some visual updates as well. Stay tuned!

Overall, we are excited about the progress we have made and achieved at Striked within the last few weeks, and we are looking forward to what's coming next.

Have a great weekend!

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